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The Problems With Tree Roots

Tree Roots In Yard
You might say that plumbers have a contentious relationship with tree roots. In fact, tree roots cause many problems for plumbers and homeowners. If you have a plumbing issue at your home, tree roots could be the cause. Fortunately, looking into the issue may not be as difficult as you think.
Read on to learn more about tree roots and their role in various plumbing issues.

How Do Tree Roots Impact Plumbing?

Root systems for trees and shrubbery can be more extensive than they appear on the surface. Roots often have small "hairs" that scope out the area for nutrients. These hairs will look for liquids - even the water flowing through your pipes. If you live somewhere with a drought, the trees can be especially desperate.
When those root hairs invade your pipes, they snag items flowing through. Such items include toilet paper, grease, food, and other debris, and the snags may lead to a total blockage. The tree roots can also grow and expand, ruining your pipes if left unchecked. You may notice water draining slowly or perhaps barely at all as a result.

How Do Plumbers Deal With Tree Roots?

After an inspection, a plumber can determine which method of tree root removal will be most effective based on a thorough examination.
Chemicals are a popular choice if killing the roots is the most ideal solution to the problem. The plumber will pair a chemical to kill the roots with a chemical that can help remove them, eliminating blockages.
Drain augers and snakes are another common method of contending with tree roots. With these tools, the plumber will break up pieces of root and allow those pieces to make their way back into the sewage system.
If those steps aren't working, hydrojetting is another option. With this remedy, hoses shoot water through the pipes to push the tree roots out. Hydrojetting clears the entire lining of the pipes to create a clear exit.
Unfortunately, these mechanical solutions can only do so much because tree roots are still growing outside the pipe, just itching to make their way back into your plumbing system. The plumber may pair mechanical and chemical techniques for better results.
Even when you use some of these options, you may notice the problem is persistent. You can talk to your plumber about solutions to prevent recurring problems.

How Do Plumbers Prevent Tree Root Problems?

Regular inspection is one way plumbers can prevent tree roots from becoming a bigger problem. Plumbers use small cameras to explore the pipes and look for damage. Plumbers can also spot the early signs of intrusion before much damage has occurred, potentially saving you from having to pursue treatment for your pipes.
Even after treatment, your plumber may have some tactics for a plan of action. Post-inspection tactics for dealing with trees could include removing the tree or replacing pipes near the tree with those made of stronger materials that will prevent interference. Each situation is different, so guidance from a professional is crucial.

What Should You Do?

Are you struggling with plumbing issues? Perhaps your drains appear to be clogged yet don't respond to home drain-cleaning methods. The problem could be related to tree roots. A professional can inspect the situation and determine which method is most appropriate to treat your plumbing issues. The problem could be more complex than you think, so you shouldn't do the job on your own.
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