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First in Service, First in Quality

Cautionary Signals of a Sewer Clog

Most homeowners in and around Gainesville, Florida, know that their home’s sewer lines are responsible for transporting waste, yet rarely thinks about it. Ignoring a clogged sewer can cause serious and costly damage.
Here are some of the signs a specialized plumber needs to be called immediately:

Bad Odor

A clogged sewer can be filled with anything from food to pieces of debris. When all these elements are jammed together in one place, it is going to cause an enormously disgusting odor to be released from your drainage system.
If you smell something coming out of your wash-hand basin, the sewer line might be to blame.

Water Backing Up

A clog in the sewer line can also prompt water to back up through the pipes and out of your numerous plumbing fixtures. You might notice that water is beginning to gurgle up out of your sink. Another warning sign is that when these fixtures do drain, they do it slowly. Water might stay in the sink for a few minutes before it starts to actually trickle down.
A clogged sewer can rapidly lead to other, more complex plumbing issues. We recommend you handle a clogged sewer as soon as you discover problems. Contact First Choice Plumbing Solutions LLC in Gainesville, Florida, to find a skilled plumber who can provide a quick solution for you.